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Delve into a weekly updated playlist curated by An-ten-nae and featuring a sonic pharmacy  of Deep dubstep and Melodic Bass. 

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Holographic Medicine Part 1 - The Source Download (Audiophile Quality)

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Holographic Medicine is a new concept I’ve been working on since Covid started. With the isolation getting to me, I started meditating more and in this process i created the first in a new series of deep meditation music, that really helped ground me. This music was created using revolutionary 3DIO binaural mics as well as other technologies to Create an immersive experience. This music is meant to be listened to on headphones for the full experience - Lots of time and research went into this creation, so put on your headphones dim the lights and transport yourself into another world. Let me know how it works for you

This song file is 24Bit Audiophile quality!

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