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Music is Medicine

An-ten-nae spearheads Medicine label partnered with Muti Music’s Dov1 and it is a humble gathering place for the sounds we love. Deep Bass, House, melodic vibrations that make us move—they all find a home here. For us, music isn't just about the noise it makes, but the feelings it evokes, the therapy it offers. Because music, in its purest form, is medicine.

We don't like to box ourselves in with genres. Rather, we find ourselves drawn to music that gently nudges our senses, stirring something beautiful within. We don't just put out tracks—we aspire to share stories through music, aiming to touch hearts, one beat at a time.

As we navigate the ebbs and flows of this journey, we're looking forward to creating projects that delve deeper into this narrative. At Medicine Label, we believe music has the power to heal and inspire. So, here's to more music, more stories, and the simple joy of sharing what we love. After all, isn't that the best kind of medicine? 

Delve into Select Gems from Medicine Label's Sonic Pharmacy

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Nahlith releases Deep Dubstep /140 Immortals EP on Medicine

Nahlith - Immortals EP

Immerse in the Rhythmic Abyss: Nahlith's 'Immortals EP' on Medicine Label. Journey into Deep Dubstep and melodic vibes.

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An-ten-nae & Nahlith - Eternal

In their collaborative single "Eternal," An-ten-nae and Nahlith fuse their styles seamlessly, crafting a symphony that is as engaging as it is entrancing.

Magical collaboration bu Nahlith and Mah Ze Tar fusing the world of live music and Deep Dubstep on Medicine (An-Ten-Nae)

Nahlith & Mah Ze Tar - Offering

Magical collaboration fusing the world of live music and Deep Dubstep

An-ten-nae - The Space Beneath The Light // Album - Deep Dubstep

An-ten-nae - The Space Beneath The Light

"The Space Beneath the Light" is a musical exploration that pushes the boundaries of the listener's perceptions, sending vibrations resonating through the cosmos of sound.

An-ten-nae - Underground ft. High Tara (Medicine , Deep Dubstep, Bass Music, 140

An-ten-nae - Underground ft. High Tara

An-ten-nae's track "Underground" featuring High Tara emerges as a potent sonic force. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, High Tara infuses the track with a distinctive Jamaican dub vibe, her vocals echoing over the pulsating rhythms like an underground chant.

An-ten-nae - Grinding ft. High Tara Remixes (Deep Dubstep, 140, Dub, 140, Jamaica

An-ten-nae - Grinding ft. High Tara Remixes

The creative genius of Mystic State, Nahlith, and Substance have spun An-ten-nae's original into a multi-faceted gem, its gleaming surfaces reflecting a spectrum of deep Dubstep colors.

An-ten-nae - Grinding ft. High Tara (Dubdtep, 140, Jamaica, Tribal Bass, Music is Medicine

An-ten-nae - Grinding ft. High Tara

Immersing listeners in a sonic realm where dub meets deep bass, An-ten-nae’s original track Grinding featuring High Tara's distinct vocals stands as a testament to the power of well-crafted music.

An-ten-nae x Morillo Twilight (OAKK Remix) DEEP DUBSTEP , 140, BASS MUSIC, RECORD LABEL,

An-ten-nae x Morillo Twilight (OAKK Remix)

OAKK, breathes new life into Twilight with a masterfully crafted remix.

An-ten-nae - Acid Voodoo LP - Dubstep - Bass- Trap - Downtempo - EDM - 140

An-ten-nae - Acid Voodoo LP

Acid Voodoo, is akin to entering a mesmerizing sonic realm, one where each beat, synth, and vocal tells its own tale. The album weaves a story through the evolution of 'An-ten-nae's' sounds, embracing deeper facets of bass music in a breathtakingly intimate way.

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