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Elektron Syntakt: My New Fave Synth

Elektron syntakt review

The first time I saw the Elektron Syntakt was when Ill Gates was crashing at my place. We were working on a track together, and he brought this gadget along. The moment he fired it up, I knew I was witnessing something special. It was like he had brought a whole orchestra on acid in a box. The Acid sounds were out of this world, so rich and full, it was like tasting a whole new flavor of music. The way it could sequence intricate Acid and bass lines was something wonderful. It was like watching a maestro at work, only the maestro was this funky little box​, oh and of course Ill.Gates is a master sound designer in his own right so the two together really shone.

But the real kicker was the intuitive sequencing. It let us craft drum sounds down to the finest detail. Yet, it was all so straightforward. Imagine being able to control every single grain of sand on a beach, but doing it with the simplicity of building a sandcastle. That's what it felt like to sequence drums on the Syntakt. It was like having a superpower, but one that was so easy to use, it felt second nature​.

That day, as I watched Ill Gates work his magic on the Syntakt, I knew I had to get one. It wasn't just a want; it was a need. So I got one that very day, and let me tell you, it's been a wild ride. Every day with the Syntakt is a new adventure, a new chance to create something amazing. And the best part? It's all so easy, so intuitive, that it feels like the music just flows from you. It's more than just a synthesizer or drum machine; it's a gateway to a world of sound, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next​.

One of the best things about the Syntakt is just how compact and portable it is. It's like having a full music studio that fits in your backpack. I've taken it on the road with me, and it's been an absolute joy to play with. Whether I'm in a hotel room, backstage, or lying in bed, I can fire it up and start making music in no time. The interface is so intuitive that programming beats and melodies feels like a breeze. But the real magic happens when I get back to the studio. With just a few cables, I can connect the Syntakt to Ableton and transfer all the musical ideas I've created on the road. It's like having a musical sketchbook that I can turn into a masterpiece in the studio​. I cant wait to share these new songs I have been working on since getting this.

This is the moment with Ill Gates, where I just knew i needed this.

elektron syntakt


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