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Delve into a weekly updated playlist curated by An-ten-nae and featuring a sonic pharmacy  of Deep dubstep and Melodic Bass. 

An-Ten-Nae on WAKAAN

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

An-ten-nae / Wakaan

Renowned for his role in West Coast bass music, An-ten-nae presents his latest work of art, Is There Anybody Out There, released under WAKAAN - the label spearheaded by the visionary Liquid Stranger. With a decade-long career, An-ten-nae’s tireless dedication to his craft and the music community shines through in this EP, underscoring his reputation for pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic realms.

Within Is There Anybody Out There, An-ten-nae meticulously weaves together deep basslines, cascading synthesizers, and crisp technological glitches. His adept manipulation of sound, interspersed with earthy elements, creates an intricate and immersive auditory tapestry that unfolds over seven distinct tracks.

An-ten-nae’s versatility as a producer is showcased through this EP, each track providing a different flavor of his unique style. His ability to oscillate between bass-heavy anthems and more contemplative compositions reflects the depth of his musical prowess.


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