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Delve into a weekly updated playlist curated by An-ten-nae and featuring a sonic pharmacy  of Deep dubstep and Melodic Bass. 


Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Imagine a universe where deep bass vibrations and melodic bass rhythms collide, where they dance in cosmic harmony. Just head into my Spotify playlist, Medicine.

It's a stargazing journey into the night, a deep-dive into the pulsating sounds that make the stars twinkle a little brighter. It's the soundtrack to late-night musings, the rhythm to your moonlit adventures. You'll find everything that lights up my sonic world in there.

Just hit that follow button on Spotify, and share it with your friends. The cosmos awaits!

Stars, after all, are best enjoyed when shared. 🌙✨

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This playlist is a reflection of the sounds that ignite my imagination, the melodies that spark inspiration, and the rhythms that resonate with the cosmos. With each beat, I'll feel the universe come alive, and the stars above will twinkle a little brighter as you lose yourself in the music. Purchase 1,000 Spotify Targeted Plays to make your promotion even more effective, click here:

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