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Delve into a weekly updated playlist curated by An-ten-nae and featuring a sonic pharmacy  of Deep dubstep and Melodic Bass. 

Nahlith releases Deep Dubstep /140 Immortals EP on Medicine

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We are overjoyed to bring you the latest offering by emerging producer Nahlith, who’s been creating hype recently with his recent singles charting at the top of JunoDownloads Tracks chart and the 140plates charts. Nahlith is a Canadian, Victoria BC based producer, specializing in deep wobbles and beautifully flowing beats. He’s made his mark on the deep Dubstep sound very quickly, with releases on Duploc, Medicine, LDH, Nomine Sound, D-BLK, Cimmerian Records, FKOF, Prime Audio, WiddFam and SUB garden.

Immortals is an outstanding EP of top notch 140BPM deep dubstep production, the vibes are earthy, the wobbles and deep sine waves hit all the right notes for you to flow on a cloud of deepness, all the while, enjoying the gentle and intricate melodies. Northern California based musician / producer / multi instrumentalist, Mah Ze Tar, is featured as a collaborator on two of the tunes, and his specialty Persian instrumentation compliments the beats as if the two have been creating blissful tunes together for eons. An-ten-nae is another featured collaborator on the tune Eternal and again the two compliment each others style effortlessly, light strings and wispy effects keep you mentally engaged, while the warmest tough bass rocks you back and forth with the flow of the tune. We are confident that if you like deeper Dubstep vibes, this EP will be as delightful for you as it is to us.


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